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Big Daddy James

Drums and Backing Vocals

Blues, Funk and Soul have been in his blood starting at an early age of performing. Born and raised near the Mississippi where it first crosses Highway 61.

He has played with various bands in obscurity throughout the 80ā€™s and 90ā€™s, giving way to a long hiatus from music. Several years later a new spark was ignited. With the desire to play and perform again, his creativity had a reawakening. Several years and several bands later the Arrogant Bastards were born.

His drumming style is smooth and tasty, like a well-aged Bourbon.



Long ago Brad discovered the simple fact that he was happiest when he is creative. His creativity has expressed itself in many styles and media, but music has always been at its core. Founded in blues and rock, his musical expressions have traveled deep in jazz exploration and finally to a return to blues.

Brad believes that true inspiration is rare; it requires consistent creative and experimental practice for it to make its appearance. Brad also believes that the talent-filled Arrogant Bastards is a perfect vehicle for his creativity and an easy target for inspiration to find.



John developed his silky style in the streets of Detroit near Hitsville, USA.

His passion was the underground sounds of Hendrix, Zappa, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and Zeppelin on FM radio WABX.

This path led him to San Francisco. Cutting his teeth on countless jams, no-name bands, open-mics and music festivals.

Now in Portland with his take no prisoners’ style he has returned to his roots of Blues, Funk and Soul.


Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals

A lifelong guitar aficionado. Developed his talents in the hardened music scene of NY's Long Island.

A tenacious player with the savvy genius to play every song in a precise and fittingly manner. Now making his mark and name known in the Portland music scene.

He has recorded several albums with various groups since the move to Oregon. Enjoying the solitude and beauty of the outdoors to create his epic style!


Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

Raised in the Bay Area in the time of the San Francisco sound, British Invasion, Jazz, Surf, and Motown music, Pauly always gravitated towards the Blues. It is the Blues that binds them all.

After years of coffee houses, bars and private parties, Pauly retreated to his tomb of solitude to focus upon a new direction.

Emerging from that slumber, he has put together a powerhouse to be reckoned with.

New sound, new songs and a new attitude. They are all still based in the Blues.